Fixing installation issues with the .appinstaller zight for windows.

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If you see the below error when installing the Zight for Windows application, then it is related to App Installer issue.



What is an app installer?

App Installer is an application provided by Microsoft that comes bundled with Windows. It facilitates the seamless installation of MSIX files and MSIXBundles, offering users a convenient way to install applications.

We've chosen the MSIX bundled format for distributing the Zight Windows application. This modern format, recommended by Microsoft, enhances the user experience, particularly with regards to automatic updates.

Reference: Microsoft's documentation on App Installer

What does this error mean?

Microsoft frequently updates the App Installer to address security concerns. With a recent Windows OS update from December 23rd, older versions of the App Installer protocol were disabled.

Encountering this error indicates that your system is still using an outdated version of the App Installer application. Consequently, attempting to install Zight using an older App Installer version will fail. It's important to note that this problem is not unique to Zight; rather, Microsoft is enforcing a security measure.

How do I fix this?

To resolve this issue, ensure that you have installed all the latest Windows OS updates. This process should automatically update the App Installer to the most recent version.

Alternatively, you can update the App Installer application using one of the following methods:

  1. Microsoft Store: Search for "App Installer" in the Microsoft Store and install the latest update.

  2. Direct Download: Download the latest version of the App Installer directly from the Microsoft website here.

  3. Command Line: Utilize Winget, the Windows package manager, to update the App Installer via the command prompt: winget upgrade Microsoft.AppInstaller

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