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We would like to inform you that as of January 1, 2024, the Direct Links feature on has been deprecated. This means that new users will no longer have easy access to this feature, and existing users will lose access to this feature in future updates to our product on desktop apps, mobile apps, and the web.


What are Direct Links?

Direct Links allowed users to take more control of a URL from our hosting provider directly, enabling them to share it in ways outside of our (Zight's) control. Originally, these links were intended to provide users with flexibility in sharing content.


Why are Direct Links being deprecated?

Over time, we have encountered various challenges with the Direct Links feature, including issues related to spam, broken links, and abuse. By deprecating this functionality, our goal is to provide a more consistent and controlled experience for our customers, enabling us to better support you.


What does this mean for existing Direct Links?

Existing Direct Links will remain functional. However, we strongly encourage users to transition to alternative methods of sharing content to ensure continued accessibility and reliability.


How can I continue to share content effectively?

While Direct Links are being deprecated, there are alternative methods available to share content on We recommend utilizing features such as sharing via email, social media integrations, or generating unique shareable links within the platform.

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