How does “Versions and duplicate” work

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Jakub Budzyński
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Version History

If you ever felt stressed that you could modify your Zight items in a way you didn’t really want, it won’t happen anymore. 


Version history is a unique Zight feature that allows you to track the history of editing that you applied to your content. If it’s a screenshot or any image you can see how you changed a picture and restore or duplicate each version, as many times as you want. 



Only the content owner can see the version history. It’s available for other workspace members (even when you share an item with the right to edit) and workspace admin. It means, that we keep it 100% private.



Who can use Version History?

The feature is available for Pro, Team, and Enterprise plan subscribers. Pro and Team users have access to full functionality for a limited time. After the beta period, Pro and Team users will be limited to only 2 or three last versions. Enterprise users always have access to full history.




If you want to create multiple versions of the same item, it’s possible thanks to the Duplicate feature. 


Go to More > “Versions and duplicate” > Click “Duplicate” on a specific version (including the current version). It’ll create a new based on your selected version. All item’s access settings and expiration details are copied from the current version, so if you want to keep it private, you don’t need to limit access repeatedly.


Use case 1


You edited your screenshot, and you like your edited version but afterward, you want to share the the annotated, original version with someone. Go to More > “Versions and duplicate” > Find the older version > Click “Duplicate” on it. 


Use case 2

It allows you to keep the original version of a screenshot or a recording, and the annotated/edited ones. Imagine you recorded a nice, long presentation that covers a wide range of topics. It’s great but you want to send only a section of the presentation to team members engaged in a single one of all the concerns. Now you can duplicate the original recording, trim only a specific segment, and share the item with a separate group of people.    


Who can use Duplicate?

All users can duplicate their current version of an item. Only Team, Pro, and Enterprise users can create a new item duplicating a historical version of an item.

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