How do I enable and use the instant video upload feature? ⚡️ (Mac Only)

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What is the instant upload feature?

Maximize your productivity with Zight's instant video upload feature, designed exclusively for Mac users! This cutting-edge functionality accelerates your video processing, making it up to five times faster and providing shareable links almost immediately after recording concludes. Compatible with macOS Big Sur, Catalina, Mojave, and High Sierra, this feature ensures you can keep your focus on creating great content without the wait. Ready to speed up your workflow? Just make sure your Zight app is updated and follow the simple steps below to enable instant uploads. Once completed, you can have a link ready within seconds after you are done recording! 

Enabling the Feature

To use the instant upload feature, you must first enable it in your Mac’s Preferences bar. To access your Preferences bar and enable the feature, follow the steps below.

Opening Preferences

  1. Open Zight.
  2. Open the Settings bar by clicking the three horizontal lines.
  3. Find and open “Preferences”

Turning On Instant Upload

  1. Once you’ve opened Preferences, navigate to your Recording Preferences.
  2.  Check the Instant Videos Uploads box. 
  3. Ta-dah! You’ve enabled the feature. Now you can use it!


Now that you’ve enabled the feature, any videos you take will be automatically uploaded as you record! Any viewer will be able to play your video within seconds after you are done recording!

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