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Attach GIFs, screen recordings, and annotated screenshots from Zight to your Zendesk Support tickets to get the point across. GIFs are great for adding deeper context to answers to your customers' questions. There’s nothing like annotations (and emojis!) to point something out or to clarify a workflow. To learn more about how to create visual content with Zight, check out these help pages to get you started.

How Does the Zight Editor App for Zendesk Support Work?

The Zight Editor App for Zendesk Support allows you to browse and attach GIFs, screen recordings with sound, and annotate screenshots taken within Zight. These visuals can easily be added to your Zendesk Support tickets. 

You can set up your free Zight account here. You'll need one to be able to authenticate with Zendesk.

Enabling the Zight Editor App

Enable the Zight Editor App by selecting “Install” from the Zendesk App Marketplace Zight page. Then, choose the environment you'd like to install it in, and finally choose 'Install' from the Zendesk Admin page. 

You will also need to enable the Rich content editor, which you can read more about how to setup here.

Enabling Role Restrictions 
Once the app is installed, you are able to restrict members from using the Zight Editor App by clicking Enable group restrictions and restricting Administrator, Agent, Light agent, Contributor, and/or Billing admin. Then, click the blue install button below your options to apply these restrictions and approve the installation.

Authenticating Zight in Zendesk Support
Once the Zight Editor App is enabled, follow these steps to authenticate your Zight account.
Step 1: Go into Views, select New ticket, click the Zight icon, and select Get Started.

Step 2: Select Authorize

Step 3: When you create a new ticket, you will see the Zight Editor App in Zendesk Support is enabled. Click on the Zight icon to add content directly to your tickets.

Inside the Zendesk Support Editor, you have several options to easily insert content.


  1. Paste a Zight link directly into Zendesk. If you haven't seen a Zight link, here's an example: https://share.getcloudapp.com/yAuDen14 (you can customize this link with your personal domain.)
  2. Paste an image directly into Zendesk. This could be a GIF, a HD recording with Sound, or an Annotated Screenshot.
  3. Annotate a Screenshot in Zight. You can add lines, arrows, blur, shapes, text, and free draw, save it and insert directly into a Zendesk ticket.
  4. Select multiple Links and add all of them to a ticket.

Need to Remove Your Personal Zight Account from Zendesk Support or Log into another account?

No problem, just select the Zight icon, click on the little door icon and you're logged out! 

If you need further assistance or have additional questions, we’d be happy to help! Please contact our support team here.


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