How do I create a troubleshooting log?

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  • What is a log file?
  • How do I find and send my logs?

What is a log file?

A log file is a file that records events that occur within the Zight application. When troubleshooting an issue with the software, we may need the logs to your application as they can give us further insight to errors that occurred.


How do I find and send my logs?

They can easily be retrieved from within your app by following these steps:

Mac Users

  1. Open Zight and click on the gear icon
  2. Hover over 'send logs'

If you choose ‘Send to Zight’, an email opens to send to  that contains a zip file for our team to review and fix the bug. It will prompt you to describe your issue in the body of the email.

If you'd like to view the files on your computer and attach them via email yourself, you can choose the option "Show in Finder".

Windows Users

To send logs from the Windows App, first make sure your logs are enabled. You can check that by:

  1. Opening Zight and clicking on the gear icon
  2. Select 'settings' and open the general tab
  3. Check 'enable log' and hit 'save'

If your logs were not already enabled, quit and relaunch Zight. Once it is running again, try to reproduce the issue.

To share the log, click on the gear icon in your app and select 'send log'. This will create a zip file in your app. You can share the logs and send the Zip by copying the link or sending them to with a description of the issue you are experiencing. 


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If you need further assistance or have additional questions, we’d be happy to help! Please contact our support team here.

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