Why can't I view some of my links?

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You are trying to view an older link, but instead, you receive this error message:

In mid-2019, Zight transitioned from an older system to a newer system and some of the links may have been misdirected.

If you know the title or name of the item/content itself, you could search in this search bar on your dashboard here: https://share.getcloudapp.com/dashboard. Your content should all be stored on that page. The naming convention of links on our new platform is share.getcloudapp.com, while the naming convention on our old platform is cl.ly. The IDs at the end of the links are not the same. This means you would not be able to search for content based on the old link.

While we were able to maintain most of the cl.ly legacy links, there was some content we were no longer able to store, especially if you did not migrate your account by signing in with the same email address on our new website between 2019 and the summer of 2020. 

We are still maintaining the old system (my.cl.ly)! 

Links will continue working but with the new domain. So, if you change from https://a.cl.ly/{{uniqueurl}} it will be accessible on https://share.getcloudapp.com/{{uniqueurl}} and vice versa. 

Adding a custom domain will not affect those other links.



Custom Domain URL link- http://my.userexamplezight.com/Qwu9pmE7

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