How can I see my recent activity and my team's activity?

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Stay on top of your productivity and team collaboration with Zight! Whether you're looking for a document someone shared with you or trying to retrieve a link you recently viewed, our 'Activity' feature has you covered. Available directly from your dashboard, this tool helps both pro users and team members effortlessly track and access their recent interactions. Here's how you can make the most out of your daily operations and never lose track of important content again. As a pro or team member, you have access to a section called "Activity", available via your dashboard or via  

What is shown in the activity feed?

  • All Zight links you recently viewed while logged in
  • Content shared within your organization via the security settings: any link with the permission set to "Anyone in the organization can view/edit". Learn more about our security features
  • Comments within your team and on your content (team/enterprise plans only)
  • Zight links shared to your email

How long is the data saved?

We currently show the links and viewed links from the past 30 days.

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