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Bring Jira Issues to life by creating Zight screen recordings in Jira

Project communication is tough even for the very best out there! Across various tools, contexts, industries and cultures, it’s often recognized as one of the toughest barriers to effective collaboration. 

Now, you communicate better with Zight Screen Recorder for Jira. Record your screen right from a Jira Issue (no download or separate app required). Your screen recordings are saved in your Zight account and automatically attached to your Jira Issue.

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Getting started with Zight for Jira

Once Zight Screen Recorder for Jira is installed in your Jira project/workspace, you should expect to see Zight at the top of an existing Jira Issue along with any other third-party Jira apps you may have installed. If Zight is not visible you may need to click the ellipsis button to display additional apps.



Authorize & Authenticate Zight for Jira

In order to get started, Jira needs permission to authorize and authenticate your Zight account.

  1. Click Zight to open the screen recorder area.
  2. Under Zight click "Allow access" mceclip1.png
  3. Accept authorized access to your Atlassian accountmceclip2.png
  4. You will then be presented with a login button. Click "Login" mceclip5.png
  5. Atlassian will ask you to sign in with your Zight account. Click "Configure access" mceclip6.png
  6. Accept permission for Jira to access your Zight account. Click Continue mceclip7.jpg
  7. Sign in to your existing or create a new Zight account mceclip8.jpg
  8. You are now redirected back to Jira and successfully connected to your Zight account. You will see your Zight email in the top-right corner of the app. Clicking your email address redirects you to your Zight dashboard Zight email address.jpeg

Allow webcam and microphone permissions

Zight for Jira requires access to your camera and microphone. When you click the "Add recording" button you will be prompted to accept permissions for Atlassian to access your camera and microphone.



Create screen recordings in Jira

A Jira Issue can have one or more video attachments. To add (create) a new screen recording to a Jira Issue, click the "Add recording" button to open the Zight recording interface. By default, the camera and microphone will be toggled to on. You should see the webcam preview in the bottom left. mceclip10.png


Add a new screen recording to a Jira Issue

  1. Click "Record Screen" button to open the window chooser mceclip16.jpgmceclip13.jpg
  2. Click "Share" and a 3-second timer will start counting down. At the end of the countdown, the recording will begin mceclip19.png
  3. At any time during the recording, mouseover the record icon (button left of area) and click the 'stop' icon to stop and finish the recording mceclip18.png
  4. A window appears with options to preview, retake or save your recording. Click save recording mceclip20.png
  5. Your screen recording is saved in your Zight account, attached to the Jira Issue and the name of the video is the name of the Jira Issue number/id  mceclip21.jpg

Video Actions

There are some video actions specific to Zight videos. Mouseover the video attachment to view additional actions:


  • Open - opens the video in your Zight account
  • Copy link - copies the Zight video share link to your computer clipboard
  • Remove - remove (not delete) the video from the Jira Issue. The video remains in your Zight account.

Embedding Zight video attachments in Jira Issues

  1. Zight share links can be embedded in Jira Issues for a rich-preview experience. 
  2. Create a screen recording with Zight for Jira
  3. Mouseover the video attachment and click "Copy link"
  4. Paste the Zight share link in the Jira Issuemceclip3.png
  5. Click on the link and choose "embed"mceclip4.png
  6. The video is now embedded in the Jira Issue mceclip5.png


Email Notifications

Watchers of your Jira Issue get notified by Jira email that you have shared a Zight video. If you want specific people on your Team to get notified when you create a Zight video, you can add them as Watchers



Deleting/Archiving Zight videos created in Jira

Users creating screen recordings via Zight for Jira are available in their associated Zight accounts. The content lives in the owner's Zight account. If the owner deletes/archives the video in Zight, the video attachment in the JIra Issue will may not be available after a certain time. 


Disconnecting your Zight account from Zight for Jira

Some users may need to associate their Atlassian account with a different Zight account or be required to remove their Zight account from Jira.

Revoke Zight for Jira

  1. Visit your Atlassian Settings Page https://id.atlassian.com/manage-profile/apps
  2. Revoke and remove access from Zight for Jira mceclip22.png


Zight for Jira FAQ's

1. I've upgraded to a paid Zight account but why am I still limited to 2 minutes of recording time in Jira?

Answer: Zight needs to be reloaded in your Jira workspace. Simply click "remove" and then reopen it.




2. When I "remove" the video from the Jira Issue is it deleted as well?

Answer: No, the video is not deleted. It remains located in your Zight account. Removing the video just removes it from the Jira Issue. Please visit your Zight account to delete/archive your video.

3. Is there an easy way to access my Zight content?

Answer: Yes, your content can be accessed by visiting your Zight Web Dashboard. Click your email address and confirm you want to visit your Zight Web Dashboard.




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