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Bring your Confluence publications alive with Zight!

What is Zight for Confluence?

Zight for Confluence is a macro for displaying rich previews of public Zight Share Links. Embed a gallery of Zight videos, annotated screenshots, and GIFs right in your Confluence document!



Getting started with Zight for Confluence

1. Install from the Atlassian Marketplace

2. Open an existing published Confluence document in edit mode

3. Open the Insert menu and search "Zight"

4. You should see a one-time permissions dialog box 

*(the "Allow access" button is not clickable until you preview the document) 


5. Open the document/publish menu and choose "Preview"



6. Click the "Allow access" button to allow app permissions



7. In the next screen click "Accept"

8. You should now see an empty Zight Viewer macro inserted in the page preview.



VERY IMPORTANT: Open the Confluence document in document edit mode and manually refresh the page so Confluence does not display the permissions dialog box again.


Adding Tabs

The macro supports the embedding of multiple Zight videos, images, or GIFs each having its own navigation tab.

1. Open a Confluence document in document edit mode

2. Open the Insert menu and choose "Zight for Confluence"

3. You may notice Confluence requiring permissions again. If this displays, please refresh your page in edit mode. Sometimes Confluence renders a cached page.

4. In document edit mode, click on the Zight Viewer macro to display options and click the pencil icon at the bottom to open the macro edit view (right aside bar area.)


5. In the macro edit area, paste your Zight Share Link in the first field and hit "tab" or "enter" on your keyboard for the macro to update its content on the page.

6. Enter a tab name. Something that would be meaningful for the end-user.

7. Repeat the process to add more videos or images to your gallery


Removing Tabs

Simply remove tabs by adding a check to the ‘remove’ checkbox. This will remove the share link and its tab.



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