When To Use Zight - Department Specific Use Cases

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Need more inspiration for your specific role?

We asked our team members in every department to share how they use Zight on a daily basis. You'll get two specific examples from each role.



Clear communication and effective collaboration are key to turning innovative ideas into well-executed projects in engineering. Zight shines in this setting with visual communication tools that help translate ideas into a shared understanding among teams.

Here are two things you can do:

I. Recording Sprint End Demos

Demos are a staple in this industry, and visually recording progress over a sprint will improve your productivity. With Zight, you can easily use the screen recording feature to capture this progress.

Whether it's showcasing new features or bug fixes, a visual demo shared on platforms like Slack or Jira ensures stakeholders are well-informed and engaged - irrespective of their geographical locations!

II. Requesting Bug Reports

Bugs are another staple in the engineering field; when they pop up, the last thing to do is document them in text. Whether it's your customers, colleagues, or shareholders, it's always better to document them visually - as they happen. 

Just use Zight's screen recording to record the bug in action easily. You enjoy easier reporting, better understanding, and easy sharing though platforms like Trello and Slack.



Sales is a domain driven by relationships and effective communication. Zight, with its ability to capture and share visual content, becomes an extension of a sales team's toolkit. It allows more engaging interactions with clients and within teams. 

Here are two ways to use our software:

I. Account Check-Ins

Regular check-ins with teams/accounts will help you understand their needs and challenges and maintain healthy relationships. You can use Zight to:

  • Capture and share visual updates on project progress, metrics, or any other significant data on your screen. This will make the information easily digestible and engaging
  • Send personalized screen and webcam video messages to add a personal touch to the communication, showing your teams you value the relationships

II. Pre-Meeting Briefs

Setting the right expectations before a meeting can lead to more productive discussions. 

You can use Zight to record a pre-meeting. Simply use the Record feature and record your Screen and Webcam so you can discuss the meeting's agenda with a presentation on your screen.


Marketing thrives on creativity, feedback, and iterative improvement. 

With Zight’s visual communication features, marketing professionals can easily share ideas, provide feedback, and update everyone on campaign performance.

Here are some things you can do:

I. Sending Feedback to Teammates

Constructive feedback is the cornerstone of refining marketing strategies. With Zight, you can:

  • Capture and annotate screenshots or record feedback videos to provide clear, visual feedback that helps teammates understand areas of improvement
  • Share feedback instantly through platforms like Slack or emaill for real-time collaboration

II. Sharing Reports to Provide Updates

Want to keep stakeholders in the loop about marketing performance? 

With Zight, you can share visual representations of marketing data to convey performance insights effectively and help stakeholders grasp the campaign’s impact quickly. 

Use the screen recorder to discuss the data in a video and share it easily through email, Trello, Slack, and other platforms that integrate with Zight.


This is a meticulous process that requires clear communication at every stage to ensure the envisioned product comes to fruition.

You can use Zight's screen recording, GIF, and screenshot capabilities to enhance clarity and collaboration within development teams significantly.

I. Adding Clarity to Tickets

Have too many tickets that need solving? While they are vital to tracking tasks, they can sometimes lack the necessary details. Zight helps you:

  • Record a visual walkthrough of a particular feature or issue to provide a clear picture that explains the task at hand
  • Easily share these visual walkthroughs through shareable links or platforms like Jira to ensure everyone has a clear understanding of the requirements

II. Analytics Analysis

Analyzing product analytics is crucial for making informed decisions. Zight's visual tools can be instrumental in:

  • Adding annotations to analytics visuals can provide context that helps teams understand the data better
  • Sharing these annotated visuals on platforms like Slack or email to allow a shared understanding and informed decision-making

Customer Support

Your frontline in ensuring a satisfying user experience, customer support demands the ability to communicate solutions clearly and provide helpful resources. Here are two things you can do with Zight:

I. Visual Communication for Clients

Visual aids can be instrumental in explaining solutions to clients. Use Zight to:

  • Create and share training videos and interactive tutorials to guide clients through processes or solutions for a smoother learning curve
  • Craft visual step-by-step guides that help clients understand and follow solutions easily

II. Documentation for the Help Center

A well-resourced help center is invaluable in providing self-service solutions to customers. Zight can help you:

  • Incorporate screenshots or screen recordings in FAQs to provide clear, visual answers to common questions
  • Enhance knowledge base articles with visual content to make them more engaging and easier to understand

Customer Success

You want to help customers realize value from your product or service. So, you can use Zight's features to do this through visual content as follows:

I. Business Reviews

Conducting business reviews is crucial for assessing performance and strategizing for future engagements.

  • Gather data and create visual presentations to provide clear insights into performance metrics, making the review process more engaging and insightful
  • Share these visual presentations with shareholders or teams through platforms like Slack or email

II. Workflow Education

Educating teams on workflows is essential for operational efficiency. 

With Zight, you can create tutorial or explainer videos or webcam explanations of workflows to ease the learning curve.


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