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What’s in this article?

Unlock powerful insights and streamline administrative tasks with Zight's user export feature! Admins and stakeholders outside the Zight team can now easily access a comprehensive list of users to make informed business decisions. This enterprise feature empowers admins to export user lists, facilitating license reconciliation and providing a clear overview of Zight licenses. Let's simplify your administrative processes and ensure everyone has the tools they need for success!

What does the list include?

The comma-delimited.csv list will contain the following columns:

  • email: user email
  • name: user's name (can be entered by the user in their profile section. We do pre-fill it if you sign up via Google)
  • role : admin, member, owner, view-only
  • disabled_at: which is only filled if the user has been disabled


  1. Go to the members tab

  2. Select Export as .CSV 

  3. Open the file in your spreadsheet application of choice (e.g., Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, Numbers) from your downloads folder (or wherever your downloads are sent).

  4. You can now sort by headers or values!


The .csv will have a similar look to this:



Coming soon: last activity field (the last time the user used the service: saw an item, commented on it, created an item, and received a view on their items (and thus received a notification).

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