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Welcome to Zight!



Zight is a business communication software used for creating AI-powered screen recordings, screenshots, and GIFs for fast & effective communication. Your content becomes instantly accessible through a unique and shareable link for quickly sharing with your team in your tools of choice.


More than a tool, Zight is designed to save you time, reduce confusion and miscommunication, increase productivity, eliminate unnecessary meetings, and enhance collaboration. Zight is available on Mac, Windows, Chrome, and iOS app.


In a Customer Success or Support role?

Create a better customer experience and close tickets faster by sending detailed step-by-step videos or annotated screenshots to your customers.


Working with engineering teams?

Submit feedback quickly with annotated screenshots or record a killer product demo.


In a Sales role?

Get higher response rates by engaging prospects with a video walkthrough of your product.


Check out more use cases here.


Getting Started is Quick and Easy!

New users can sign up here.

Download and install Zight for Mac, Chrome, or Windows.

We also have integrations available in Slack, Zendesk, Microsoft Teams, and many more.


Zight Office Hours Webinars

Looking for help getting started? Check out our upcoming webinar sessions at Zight Office Hours and register to attend a live session or watch a replay when it’s convenient for you.


Record Your Screen


Take a Screenshot


Annotate an Image


Zight AI


Check out our Plans page or Request a demo to explore advanced features like security, advanced admin controls & analytics, custom domain & branding, personalized onboarding and training, and more.

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