How do I delete content? How do I delete recordings and screenshots?

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You’re able to delete content you’ve created through your app or through your web dashboard by following the steps outlined below!


Deleting items through your app:

Hover over the thumbnail of the item you wish to delete to get the menu and click on the trash bin icon

Or click on the three dots next to the item selecting the ‘delete’ option.


Deleting through your Dashboard

Go to your web dashboard and hover over the item you want to delete and click on the trash bin icon.


Bulk Delete

Go to your web dashboard, hover over an item, and select the box in the upper left-hand corner. You can select multiple items at a time and then click on the trash bin that appears in the pop-up menu.

Or selecting the entire page, click on the box that appears on the menu bar located at the top left corner of your dashboard.

Once items are deleted, they will automatically be moved to your trash bin where they will be held for 30 days. Within that 30-day period, you’re able to restore deleted items. Otherwise, the item will be deleted permanently from our servers.

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