How do I use the highlighter tool?

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Please note that only paid Zight accounts will have access to this feature.

Ready to add some emphasis to your content? With Zight's highlighter tool, you can effortlessly draw attention to key elements and make your message stand out. Whether you're highlighting important details in a screenshot or emphasizing key points in a video, we've got you covered! In this guide, we'll show you how to use the highlighter tool to enhance your content and ensure your message shines bright. Let's dive in and make highlighting a breeze!

This feature is only available in the desktop editor. To use this tool, simply select the tool by clicking on the pencil icon (a new popup will appear with the annotation screen editor), and then click and drag over the target content. The highlighter tool will draw a straight line from your beginning point and end point for a clean and easy accent. You can change the color and width of the line. 

Higlighting content.gif

If you find your highlighted portion isn’t according to your wishes, you can click on it to resize it, move it, change the length or angle, change the color, or delete it. 

It’s this simple! We hope you enjoy the highlighter tool as much as we do. 

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