How do I capture my screen and create a screenshot? How do I use the snipping tool?

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There are several different ways to capture a screenshot! It all depends on your preferences. Let’s walk you through the options:

Creating a Screenshot Using your Hotkeys.

Using a ‘hotkey’ is the easiest way to capture your screen. The hotkeys are different depending on which app you are using (Mac, Windows, Chrome).

For Mac:

You can go to your shortcuts page in your app to create a shortcut for taking a screenshot

  • Click the Zight Icon
  • Select the ☰ to enter the Preferences menu
  • Select 'Shortcut' from the header

For Windows:

The default shortcut for the screenshot shortcut is ‘Alt + Shift + 0’ on Windows. You can also go to your shortcuts page in your app to find out what your actions are set to as shown below. 


Creating a Screenshot Through the App.

When Zight is installed on your Mac or Windows computer, Zight will initially either be accesses in the System Tray or in the Menu Bar. You are able to then use your application to capture your screen. You can do that by:

  • Clicking on your Zight icon
  • Selecting the ‘screenshot’ or 'capture' option



Fullscreen vs. Selected Region

After using the hotkeys (or using the app), you will then be able to determine how much of your screen you wish to capture. You can click once for ‘fullscreen’ or select a portion of your screen by dragging your mouse over the selected area as shown below. (See GIF above)

What happens next?

After capturing a screenshot, we automatically upload the content you've captured to our secure cloud and add a Zight link to your clipboard. This means that you are now able to paste the link or the content into your chosen platform by simply dragging the link on your clipboard to it.


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