How do I add a Call-to-Action (CTA) button?

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Make the most of Zight with an adaptable button. Link a help article, close deals with a sales link, and more - because now, you can add a clickable action to any drop.

In order to add a 'Call-to-Action' button on your content, first you'll need to open and visit one of your shared files in our 'web app'. To get there, copy a URL for one of your links and paste it into a browser. Your links will usually look like ''.

At the bottom right side of the page you'll see 'Add Custom Action', which you can click on and begin adding a button.

Here's an example of what a Call-to-Action would look like when added to one of your shared pages.

If you'd like a full walkthrough of the product here's a video:

Note: You'll need to have a paid subscription with Zight. You can purchase a paid subscription at

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