What are the advantages of upgrading to enterprise and having a customer success manager?

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Enterprise accounts have access to a Customer Success Manager (CSM) whose sole focus is to ensure your team reaches your desired outcomes while using our product. Zight’s focus is to save you time and create efficiency in your workplace. Your CSM can help you and your team succeed!


What does your Customer Success Manager do?

Great question! Customer Success Managers partner with you during your transition from initially purchasing the product to becoming active users. Their main goal is to help you succeed while using our product. 

There are several ways your CSM can help with your onboarding process, such as:

  • Schedule a team or admin meeting to teach you how to use the tool effectively
  • Reach out with new updates and releases
  • Help make sure things are running smoothly
  • Provide proactive problem resolution
  • Showcase unique use cases that your team could benefit from
  • Answer any questions you or your team may have

If you don’t yet have an enterprise account with us and would like to know more about what this plan entails, you can visit our enterprise page here or our pricing page


If you need further assistance or have additional questions, we’d be happy to help! Please contact our support team here.

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