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Welcome to the world of effortless selling with Zight! We understand that the sales journey can be challenging, but with Zight by your side, it's about to get a whole lot easier. Just ask MarkKosoglow, VP Sales at Outreach.io, who sees Zight as their secret nuclear weapon in sales success. With the power to quickly send engaging GIFs that rekindle interest, reinforce value propositions, and win over prospects, Zight is transforming the sales game. Get ready to elevate your selling strategy and close deals like never before!
1) Create a short gif of a hard problem you solve, and drop it into an email in response to a question in real time. Example: "What's your analytics page look like?" 
(and here's a video of me doing that whole thing -- drag and drop the email into Gmail: https://share.getcloudapp.com/7KuWNBlj)
2) Do you use Outreach, Toutapp, or Salesloft? You should create short custom gifs that 'SHOW' your product, and embed them at some point in the sequence. Here's a screenshot of our outreach, you can see that there is a GIF inside of the 2nd email in the sequence. Link:  https://share.getcloudapp.com/P8uXOdvb
3) Unlock the power of personalized pitches and impactful demos with Zight! Whether it's you, your team, or even your CEO, Zight empowers you to effortlessly record computer-based presentations for internal feedback or as follow-ups to prospects post-meeting. With options to record in HD with sound or webcam video, the possibilities are endless. Plus, our dedicated customer success team offers team training sessions, records them, and sends them directly to the designated 'Champion' for seamless sharing across your entire team.
4) Create more visuals in your support documentation and in Zendesk/Desk.com. Visuals are the key to delivering exceptional support experiences, and Zight empowers you to create engaging visuals seamlessly integrated into your Zendesk or Desk.com platform. Whether you're looking to enhance existing documentation or answer customer queries with custom videos, Zight ensures clarity and accelerates closure rates on tickets.
5) Email has size limits. People on mobile may not want to download a huge 30 second video or PDF to their computer. Any content, document, video, or presentation can easily be uploaded and shared with a short URL link. You can alternate between sending gifs/visuals directly in Email and just including a link.

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