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Ready to access your Zight files with ease? Look no further! With our intuitive platform, downloading files is a breeze. Simply locate the download button in the right-hand toolbar, click, and voila! Your files will be ready for offline access in no time. Let's dive in and explore how you can effortlessly download your Zight creations and take them with you wherever you go!


You can also download your content individually or in bulk on the dashboard by hovering on an item and placing a check in the box. Five options will appear in the upper left-hand corner. If you would like to download the items on the entire page, check the first option (the box), then click on the arrow on the black line (furthest on the right.) 


Download Using the Desktop's User Interface

On Mac

Click on the app icon, hover over the ellipsis, or three dots, on the right side of the content, and click Download File.

On Windows

Click on the app, hover over the ellipsis, or three dots, on the right side of the content, and click Download File.



Having trouble downloading your files?


Sometimes browsers like Chrome, Safari, or Internet explorer may prevent files from being downloaded in an attempt to provide a higher level of security to a user. This may be because the file is problematic, or it's a mistake by the provider. Either way this experience can be frustrating.

What can you do?

  1. Ask your IT admin and provide them the following doc: Your admins might be aware of some specific custom policy they can set to allow Zight downloads to not be flagged.
  2. Click the arrow icon and select “Keep”. Unless you've uploaded a malicious file, Zight didn't inject anything into the file for chrome to flag it, so its safe to download.
  3. You can also disable your security settings here: chrome://settings/security (select no protection). 
    1. *NOTE* That we do not recommend, or encourage this.

Bulk Download All Content & Items By Contacting Support

If you'd like to download all of your content, please contact our support team here. Your request to our customer support team will start the process of generating a large background job to export all of your content in a link that we will share with you over your email.

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