What’s the difference between Zight's Desktop Client and the Web Dashboard?

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Curious about the unique features of Zight's Desktop Client compared to our Web Dashboard? Both platforms offer powerful tools to enhance your productivity, but each has its distinct advantages. In this guide, we'll explore the specific functionalities available on both the desktop and web versions of Zight, helping you make the most out of your experience, no matter where you choose to create, access, or share your content. Let’s get started!

Desktop App

The desktop app is an installable version of Zight that runs on your Mac or PC and dissolves into the background of your workflow. You can download the desktop app to your client version here. The desktop app allows you to unleash the full potential of Zight. For example, you can:

  • Take screenshots and delayed screenshots
  • Create screen recordings 
  • Create webcam recordings 
  • Annotate your content
  • Create GIFs
  • Share your content
  • Create collections

If you’d like to learn more about what you’re able to do with your desktop app, you can check out our additional help center articles listed at the end of this article.


The Web Dashboard

The web app (also known as the web dashboard) can be found on your web browser. You can: 

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