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Facing technical hiccups with Zight on your Mac? Fear not, we've got you covered! Our comprehensive troubleshooting guide is here to save the day. From simple fixes like quitting and reopening the app to more advanced steps like clearing cache and performing a factory reset, we'll walk you through each solution step-by-step. Let's banish those pesky issues and get you back to smooth sailing with Zight!

How to shut down the app

To quit the app, click on the Zight icon, the three horizontal lines, then ‘Quit Zight', located at the bottom

How to update the app

To update the app, click on the Zight icon, the three horizontal lines, then ‘Check for updates.’

How to Uninstall and Reinstall the app 

To reinstall the app, quit Zight, click ‘Finder’ and ‘Applications’, then type in ‘Zight’ under the search bar. Then, fully delete the app by clicking on the ‘Trash’ icon and pressing ‘Empty’. Next, clear your cache on your browser, and reinstall the app through either Download Zight or the Mac app store: 

How to clear your cache on Chrome

To clear your cache, click on the three vertical dots on the upper right-hand side of the Chrome browser, click settings, and scroll down to click ‘Clear browsing data’, and click ‘Clear data.’

How to do a factory reset

A factory reset should clear out any data that might be causing problems. You can do this by opening Terminal through the shortcut, Cmd, Space, which will pull up ‘Spotlight Search’.  Next, type in "Terminal", and hit the return key. Paste in these following commands: 

tccutil reset All com.linebreak.ZightMacOSX
tccutil reset All com.linebreak.ZightMacOSX.capture
defaults delete com.linebreak.ZightMacOSX

Then, press return.

If you need further assistance or have additional questions, we’d be happy to help! Please contact our support team here.



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