How do I use the iOS version of the App?

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Want to install Zight on your iOS device? Great! This article goes over the basic functions of your iOS app to help you get started.

For more information on how to install your iOS app, view our help center article here.

After your app is installed to your device, sign into your Zight account to open up your dashboard. From here you have the options to view your content on your home page, view/set favorites, create or upload content, view or create collections, and access your settings as shown below:


Home page:

From the home page, you’re able to view all your content either on your dashboard or on the viewer page. By tapping on the content you wish to view, the viewer page will open up with the following options:

  • Adding the content to favorites
  • Uploading to a collection
  • Copying the shared link
  • Share via messages or another platform
  • Delete the content


By clicking on the ‘favorites’ menu item, you’re able to see all of your content listed as ‘favorites.


From your collections menu item, you’re able to view all the collections you’ve created as well as create new collections by selecting the ‘plus’ option in the top right corner. 


From your ‘settings’ menu item, you can view your web dashboard, view our help center/contact support, send logs, log out, and change the resolution of your images and videos. 

How do I create or upload content?

To create/upload content, open your application and click on the plus button in the middle of your screen.

From here, you’re able to upload content from your phone such as images or files. You can also create new content such as a screen recording or taking a picture with your device's camera.


If you need further assistance or have additional questions, we’d be happy to help! Please contact our support team here.

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