Where can I access my billing information?

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How to Access Billing Information

Keeping track of your billing has never been easier! We now have a page called, “My Plan”, which centralizes all your billing actions.

To access “My Plan”, log into your account, click your name, settings, and “My Plan.”


Plan Details

This panel provides the name or team name, plan renewal date, and monthly or annual price per seat or user. Below these details, you will see these options: Change Plan, Purchase more seats or Cancel Zight plan.

When you want to change your plan, you will be redirected to the Plans and Pricing page (https://zight.com/plans/), where, underneath the four plan options and above the plan comparison diagram, you can ‘change plan’ for pro and free plans, ‘try’ team features, and ‘contact us’ in regard to the Enterprise plan.

Billing Owner

This panel provides the name and email address of the billing owner. Under ‘See Billing Info’, you will be redirected to your Subscriptions page, where you can view your invoices, current period, collection type (automatic), and where you can update your billing information.

Billing History

This panel provides the date and amount paid for your subscription. Under ‘View full history’ you will be redirected to your Subscriptions page.

Billing Details

This panel provides the type of card you are using and the last four digits of the card number. You can update your card by clicking on ‘Update payment method.’ 


If you need further assistance or have additional questions, we’d be happy to help! Please contact our support team here.

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