How to use emojis to react to videos and screenshots

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Express yourself with flair using Zight's emoji reactions feature! Whether you're viewing a video or a screenshot, emojis offer a fun and efficient way to share your reactions. Plus, they're accessible to everyone, whether they're on mobile or whether you don't have a Zight account. Simply click on the icons located at the bottom right of the content to add your emoji reaction. In this guide, we'll show you how to use emojis to enhance your viewing experience and foster engaging interactions. Let's dive in and start expressing ourselves with a touch of personality!

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Keep track of reactions through the notification, or “bell”, icon. 

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You can also receive notifications on your email. You will need to turn on notifications via your dashboard.

In slack you can see who reacted on your items, as well.

How can you apply this to your team? Emojis can be utilized by any team to get a quick pulse on the intended audience once a video or screenshot is launched! If you’re on an internal Product team, Emojis can be utilized as a quick pulse check on your cross-functional team’s thoughts on a new or in-design feature. As a Customer Experience team, you can gain a high-level understanding from customers whether they like or dislike a new release or video subject matter, via a thumbs up/thumbs down. 

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