How to use emojis to react to videos and screenshots

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Emojis make it quick and easy to react to a video or a screenshot you are viewing. Emojis are available to any user, even if they're on mobile or they don't have a Zight account! To use them, click on the icons on the bottom right of the content.

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Keep track of reactions through the notification, or “bell”, icon. 

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How can you apply this to your team? Emojis can be utilized by any team to get a quick pulse on the intended audience once a video or screenshot is launched! If you’re on an internal Product team, Emojis can be utilized as a quick pulse check on your cross-functional team’s thoughts on a new or in-design feature. As a Customer Experience team, you can gain a high-level understanding from customers whether they like or dislike a new release or video subject matter, via a thumbs up/thumbs down. 

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