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What is Zight Screen Recorder for Slack?

Show your Team and customers what you're seeing with shareable screen recordings - right from Slack! 

Add to Slack

Create Zight screen recordings right from a Slack Channel

  • record full-screen audio & video 
  • record a specific application window
  • up to 4k video quality
  • unlimited videos (limited on Free Zight accounts)
  • unlimited recording time (limited on Free Zight accounts)
  • no other applications or chrome extensions required
  • recordings saved and searchable in your Zight account
  • each recording has its own unique share URL

Receive your Zight notifications in Slack

You will receive Slack notifications for the following Zight actions:
  • Someone has added a comment
  • Someone has mentioned you in a comment
  • Someone has watched your video for the first time
  • Someone has viewed your link for the first time
  • Someone reacted to your video or screenshot
  • Your link has been viewed 5 times

Getting Started with Zight Screen Recorder for Slack

There are a few ways you can get started by installing Zight Screen Recorder in your Slack Workspace.

Authorize Zight to connect with Slack

Adding Zight Screen Recorder to your Slack Workspace is a two-step process. Once you click "Add to Slack", Slack will request permission for Zight to access your Slack Workspace.

Sign in or create a Zight account

Once permission is granted, you are required to sign in or create a Zight account. If you are already signed in to Zight then this step will be skipped.

Connecting your Zight account with Slack

After signing in to your Zight account, you will be requested to connect your Zight account with Slack. Click "Allow access" to continue.


After allowing access, you will be prompted to open Zight Screen Recorder in Slack


In your Slack Workspace, you should see a Slack channel labeled "Zight", located under the Apps section.


Connecting your Zight account with Slack (pre-installed on Slack Workspace)

If Zight has been previously installed in your Slack Workspace you can connect your Zight account by selecting "Zight" under the App section in your Slack Workspace and then "Connect your account".
You will then be prompted to sign in to your Zight account or create a new one.
Once your Zight account is connected to your Slack account, you should see your email address displayed. 

How to start a Zight screen recording in Slack

There are two ways to start a screen recording in Slack

  1. Slack Slash Command
  2. "More Actions" menu


Starting a Zight screen recording using Slack's Slash Command shortcut

1. In a Slack conversation, enter the following slash command in the compose text area: `/Zight` and hit 'enter' on your keyboard or click the send message button


2. A Slack Bot message should appear. Click the button 'Click to start recording' 

3. In your web browser, accept Camera & Microphone permissions

4. Click the button 'Record screen as video'


5. Choose your screen or application window to begin the recording countdown 

6. You can quickly finish your screen recording by clicking the 'Stop sharing' button at the bottom of your computer screen 
or you can finish your recording by hovering your mouse over the transport bar in the bottom left corner and clicking the finish recording button
Screen Recording 12-12-2022 at 1.46 PM
7. Click 'Save' to send your recording back to the Slack channel

Why is the Zight Slash Command not available? 

If the Zight Slash Command /zight is not available in your Slack Workspace then you can simply click the button below to install the latest version.

Add to Slack

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