When Should I Use Zight?

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Zight Support
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Think of Zight as your way to show what you’re trying to say while letting your co-worker watch when they want.

Keep the human touch in your messaging with the benefits of asynchronous communication. This improves the clarity, speed, and flexibility of your work.

The four most common scenarios we find include:

  • Replace update meetings. Plenty of meetings have no real need for discussion. So instead, shared video updates are more concise while maintaining a human touch.
  • Provide feedback. Every role needs feedback, and videos or annotated screenshots are more efficient than email.
  • Personalized client interactions. Brands that take the time to send customers personalized videos stand out.
  • Documentation. Visuals provide the thorough answers your employees and customers are looking for

Here's how Scott Smith, CEO of Zight, uses videos and screenshots in his daily work. You'll probably relate!


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