How do I get my team to use Zight?

Zight Support
Zight Support
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As an admin, you've seen improvement in your work as you use Zight. As you roll it out to your team, your employees may need encouragement to build the habit.
Here are some ideas to make sure they get the most out of Zight:
Preinstall Zight
With Zight preinstalled on their laptops, getting started is easy. Employees accept the Zight invite in their inbox, log in, and can immediately start recording.
To download and install our desktop app, visit
Include Zight in Onboarding
Most organizations onboard employees with a list of resources in their documentation. Make sure Zight is listed as a resource, and direct them to the Getting Started Guide for Users.
Provide Training
Along with our Getting Started Guide, our help center is full of useful articles that teach the ins and outs of the tool. Accounts with a dedicated Customer Success Manager can also schedule training.
We encourage internal advocates to push Zight usage. Internal team members carry more trust and can show use cases that make sense for your business.

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