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The quality for videos recorded using the Zight Chrome extension is up to 720p (1280x720 pixels).

However, this will vary depending on some factors local to your device, which include:

  • your monitor's screen resolution
  • your internet connection 
  • quality of your webcam

What can I do if my Chrome extension recording is blurry? 

If you're using a large monitor or a monitor set to a higher screen resolution, you will see some quality loss in your recordings - especially if you choose to record the entire screen. To combat this, you can set your monitor resolution to 1280x720 resolution or 720p.

You also may achieve better (non-blurry) recordings with higher-resolution monitors by choosing to record the web browser window instead of the entire screen and resize the web browser to be smaller in width than the width of your entire computer screen.

See below the web browser resized to be about half of the width of the computer screen and in the Chrome Extension choose to record the browser tab instead of full desktop (entire screen).


Design sem nome (1) (1).png

Computer screen resolution greater than 720p (1280x720)




Chrome Extension - recording the web browser/tab itself (not the entire screen)


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